I lost $60 today in the stupidest way possible: for my flight out of town, I went to the wrong airport.

Yep. You read that right. I went to the wrong airport.

For my flight to CEDIA Expo, I thought I was flying out of Washington/Dulles airport (located in Virginia). Had I taken the time to look at my boarding pass … or my confirmation email … or my online agent … I would have noticed that I was actually flying out of Washington/Reagan National.

It came as a pretty big shock when, with just over an hour to go before my flight was to leave, the agent in the security line at Dulles told me my ticket wasn’t for their airport.

Yeah, I know. Totally stupid, right?

So I booked it. I ran out to find a cab, who I instructed to get me to National as quickly as possible.

The two airports — about 20 miles away from each other — have never felt so far apart. The driver, while friendly, insisted on going 55 MPH the entire way there. “Go as fast as you can!” I told him. Still, 55 he went.

I got to the airport at 4:45 — 5 minutes before the plane was to begin boarding. I tossed the driver $60 in cash and ran. With the flight leaving at 5:20, I only had about 20 minutes to get through security and down to the gate.

Thankfully, I already had my boarding pass — printed at home — and was checking no luggage. There was no line at security, and I managed to get to the gate by 4:55 with plenty of time to spare.

But it was a stupid, lazy mistake. It cost me $60 to pay for an extra cab ride I didn’t need. If only I had actually verified where I was leaving from, this wouldn’t have happened.

In the end, I made it to Denver safely. And really, that’s what matters. But my wallet could be a little thicker if I was just paying attention.

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