SunRocket Shuts Down, 200k Customers Left in the Dark

07.19.07 | VoIP | 4 Comments | by junger

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VoIP provider SunRocket closed its doors on Monday without any sort of official announcement, leaving more than 200,000 of its customers without service and without any idea of what happened.

There's now a message on SunRocket's Web site explaining the shutdown:

[Two] service providers are assisting and offering to provide SunRocket customers the opportunity to sign up for their services. Both providers have agreed to become preferred providers with special pricing for the SunRocket customers to enable them to migrate their telephone service. Of course, there are other providers and each individual customer can make their own decision as to which carrier they wish to transition to.

Emails to the SunRocket customers are currently being sent with more detailed information on how to sign up with the two service providers.

The basic package with SunRocket was $200/year unlimited plan. SunRocket hasn't announced details on credits for customers or specifics regarding transfers to other providers.

If you're a SunRocket customer, can you let us know what the email you received says?

SunRocket was the second largest VoIP provider behind Vonage, causing many to wonder if stand-alone VoIP services (as opposed to triple-play packages) are doomed. I doubt it, but with Vonage's legal woes, it's a legitimate question.

Thanks to Chewy for the heads up.

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