Is Online Banking Really That Bad?

07.31.07 | Online Banking | 0 Comments | by junger

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Julian Goldsmith sure thinks so. In an article for, Goldsmith says that online banking "needs serious help," mostly when it comes to navigation and design of banks' Web sites.

Armed with the requisite account and access numbers, I started to log in. This took two separate pages for some reason. Once in, I had to negotiate a navigation system that would have frustrated Magellan and Cooke working together with a GPS plotter.

It took me a number of attempts just to move my own money into a credit card run by my own bank. The use of terms undecipherable to anyone without a charter in accountancy and the absence of the option to 'Pay your credit card bill, like you do about this time every month' in the small range of choices made me lose the will to live.

Current website design isn't perfect but it has clearly moved on since the last time this particular bank gave it any thought.

Goldsmith doesn't mention the particular bank he used — he says it is "one of the big three" — so we can't get a specific look at the design and navigation of the site.

But he implies that he normally does his credit card payments over the phone, so he probably hasn't done much online banking, which means he may not be the best judge of effectiveness.

Of course, not all online banks have a great design.

Does your bank have a poorly designed and organized Web site? Share your thoughts.

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