Online Savings Account Competition Hits Google Adwords

08.31.07 | Online Savings Accounts | 1 Comment | by junger

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A relatively decent (though unscientific) way to gauge the popularity of a particular subject, service or tool is to see what Google returns for it after a search.

When there are a lot of sponsored links next to the search results, your search is obviously an important one to advertisers.

We know that online savings accounts are growing in popularity among consumers, and many banks — including brick and mortars — have recently gotten into the act.

Doing a search for "online savings accounts" in Google reveals a lot of marketing competition, as the results totals 9 pages of sponsored links.


Most of the big names are there (except HSBC), and there seems to be a pretty even split among promoting the actual APY of the account or not.

Interestingly, one of the sponsored links on page 2 is for online lending site Prosper, advertising "Earn 8.00% Interest Rate."

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