10 More Ways to Immediately Start Saving Money

08.28.06 | Money | 2 Comments | by junger

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Due to the overwhelming success of the first 10 Ways to Immediately Start Saving Money, it's only fiscally responsible that we continue with 10 More Ways to Immediately Start Saving Money.

Without further adieu, let's go.

  1. Set up Automatic Savings Deposits
    Most of the first 10 money saving tips involve a lifestyle change that you may or may not make. Setting up automatic savings deposits forces you to save money, and you'll have to adjust to it.
  2. Use Every Dollar You Earn, But Not More
    It took me awhile to realize that, while bringing in more money than you spend is obviously crucial, letting extra money sit in a checking account is bad. You're making significantly less interest in a checking account than you would be in an ING account. So, assuming that you are keeping a budget, divvy up the difference between your income and your out-go and send it packing for a savings account, vacation fund, or …
  3. Increase Your Loan Payments
    I'm not a loan expert, so do your own research first, but those school loans are costing you more and more everyday. By paying more than the minimum you're currently doling out, you're lowering your balance and the interest it earns.
  4. Switch to VoIP
    Really, do it. Whether it's Vonage, Sunrocket or Skype, VoIP phones are much cheaper than anything Verizon or Bell Atlantic is going to offer you. For $28 a month (with taxes), we get unlimited calling with Vonage to anywhere in the country, plus a few countries in Europe. Vonage is always running promotions, with $75 gift cards, money back and more, so search before you buy.
  5. Downsize the Cell Phone Bill
    Are you using all of the minutes on your cell phone plane? The wife wasn't coming close, and between the unlimited minutes we get with Vonage and the in-network cell calls she was making, it only made sense to stop paying $50 a month and downsize to a more reasonable plan.
  6. DealsPlus
    From the creator of BensBargains.net comes DealsPlus. I'm signed up for multiple RSS feeds, ensuring that I'm notified of the latest freebies, coupons and deals. I'm not much of a frivolous buyer, but whether it's free Starbucks, Folgers coffee or Nautica cologne, I'm on top of it.
  7. Stop Using the Dry Cleaner
    There are some times when you can't avoid taking clothes to the dry cleaner, but most dress shirts (at least for us men) can be washed at home. Not taking 10 shirts to the dry cleaner is a savings of $20 a month.
  8. Buy In Bulk
    We spend $20 a year on a BJs membership, and it's worth it. We like to think of our purchases as "get it and forget it" — especially when it comes to paper goods, tissues, etc. You don't even have to be a BJs member o shop there — in fact, for the next week or so you can get Member Pricing without joining.
  9. Buy Store Brand Products
    Can you really taste the difference between the store brand and the slightly more expensive brand? Maybe my pallet isn't that refined, but I can't. Store brand products are also more likely to be marked down — we just bought five boxes of pasta for $2. That's at least five meals for the two of us — for two dollars!
  10. Shop Around For Fresh Produce
    Buying fruits and veggies can take up a chunk of that grocery bill, but they don't have to. Visit your local farmer's market, or (and I'm entirely serious) shop at BJs. Eggplants go for about $1.50-$2 per pound here in the Boston area, but we've spent $1 and $1.50 total buying from the farmer's market and BJs, respectively.

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