My Comcast Bill is Wrong: Big Surprise

11.19.07 | Consumerism | 2 Comments | by junger

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A lot of people hate on Comcast — most for good reasons — but generally, I've always found their products to be relatively decent.


I can't stand their DVR service, but the Internet doesn't go down often, the selection of HD channels keeps on growing, and when you can find the right deal — you can get a decent package.

But their service and billing? Ugh.

After we moved into our new place (where Comcast is the only option, by the way), I made an appointment for the Comcast guy to come and install two boxes and Internet service.

We were promised he'd show up between 8 and 11 AM. Of course, he didn't — showing up at 11:35. Since he was late, we will receive a $20 credit on our installation.

He ran cabling to the two TVs and to the office, where our cable modem and router live. (Th s is important — our cable modem. We own it.)

While he was setting up the TVs, I plugged in the cable modem, router and computer and set every thing up for online access. (Again, this is important).

Then he's done. We've got service, and I'm headed out to California despite only being in the new place for 2 days.

One week later, I come back and the converter box in the bedroom dies. The next day, another tech comes out to replace the box — but has to be on hold with his office for more than 15 minutes because Comcast tech's can't activate a box if the house has more than one!

How much sense does that make? How many houses actually only have one box these days?

Fine, whatever. Got a new box (even though it's one of those small, annoying boxes without serial support for my TiVo) and it all works.

Then the bill comes.

First off, there's no credit for showing up late. And apparently, Comcast can't give me this credit until at least two weeks after the service call — though they have no problem billing me for it! So I have to call back and do this dance again.

Second problem: they are charging me $3/month for renting a cable modem. My cable modem. The one that I bought and have owned for the past 3 years. When I called up customer service, they put the burden of proof on me: that I have to show it's my cable modem, even though they screwed up.

(I explained to the call center person that they use Motorola modems, while I own a Linksys modem. Morons.)

Finally, they're going to charge me $29.95 for an "online install."

This is a joke. The technician didn't touch my cable modem or computer (obviously, since he says we're using his), and they want to charge me for that?

The moral of the story: always check your bills. And complain when warranted.

When Comcast called to follow up on my service calls, I told them exactly what I've shared here. Ugh.

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