On Living Without Direct Deposit

12.21.07 | Money | 1 Comment | by junger

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My wife recently started a new job after we made our move, and so far she's loving it.

She works great hours with good people and even gets to use the in-house gym, so she's maximizing the most out of work.

But because she hasn't been there for enough pay cycles, we don't have direct deposit yet. It's not a huge deal, since she's still getting paid, but you realize how convenient it really is when you don't have it.

We're not so good at going to the ATM, so the checks have a tendency to sit around for awhile.

When the checks aren't deposited, the money won't get any interest (however little it may be) and we have to watch our balance more carefully to make sure our automatic payments won't short us too much.

We'll have direct deposit set up for her in the next pay cycle or two, but not having that automatic system really adds another layer of managing your money that can be avoided.

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