Wanting Rock Band, But Talking Myself Out of It

01.14.08 | Consumerism | 4 Comments | by junger

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rockband.jpgI want Rock Band.

I really want Rock Band.

But I just can't justify buying it.

I have this whole process mapped out in my head, but I can't take the first step — and I probably won't.

Now that it looks like Blu-ray will win the next-gen DVD format war, I figure it's a safe time to buy a PlayStation 3, which features a built-in BD drive.

Price? $399.

And if I get a PS3, I'll want to get Rock Band.

Price? $169.99.

That's nearly $600 for a new video game system, Blu-ray player, and the hottest game out there. There's no way I can justify spending that.

Just think of all the things I could do with $600 — put it towards a vacation, save for a house, add it to my Roth IRA, pay off some debt … you get the point.

As badly as I want Rock Band, I can't justify spending all the money it takes just to get it.

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