Digg Tackles 401(k)s: Why The Dow Drop Doesn't Matter

01.18.08 | Money, Online Investing | 0 Comments | by junger

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While the mainstream media is all over the place with news of the stock market's big drop Thursday, the community at social news site Digg isn't worried.

Check out some of the right-on-the-money comments from this story: Have any money in a 401(k)? You just lost a huge chunk.


cause letting it sit under my matress is so much better. It can take a dunk considering its been steady going up for the last five years.


The market will come back eventually. Now is actually the perfect time to BUY! Buy cheap sell high, and live below your means, you will retire well.


the title has nothing to do with the article. the whole point of a 401k is longterm investment for your retirement. one crappy period in the span of the 40 years until you retire really isn't worth losing any sleep over

These comments are encouraging, especially when the mainstream media is so focused on the stock market's fall.

Now, one could argue that Digg users tend to be younger than most mainstream media consumers, therefore have a longer time to go before they retire.

But it's really good to see smart personal finance fundamentals spread.

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