The Secret to Stopping Impulse Buying

02.21.08 | Money | 1 Comment | by junger

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Everyone has impulses. For a lot of us, those impulses tell us to buy things that we want but don't necessarily need.

Right now, I really want either a PlayStation 3 or an Xbox 360 — partially to play Rock Band but also to get a Blu-ray player (now that it has won the format war).

I even had to spend an hour in Best Buy — twice! — in the past two weeks while I was getting new speakers put into my car (the old ones blew). To top it off, I spent most of that time playing the in-store demo of — you guessed it — Rock Band.

But I didn't walk out of there with any extra purchases.

Every time I consider hopping onto and buying something or picking up a gadget at Best Buy, I think about what I'm saving for — and I stop. We're saving for a home, and any big impulse purchase I make before then is going to take away money from that goal.

To stop your impulse buying, always remind yourself what you are saving for. It may help you to carry something physical — say, a picture of a house or photo of your kids.

How much is your impulse purchase going to hurt your savings goal? Don't let it.

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