Paycheck to Paycheck On Purpose: It Works

02.23.08 | Money | 0 Comments | by junger

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One of the most popular posts here covered why living on a paycheck to paycheck mentality works. (Despite the lack of comments, a number of readers flocked to it.)

Single Ma from Fabulous Financials has a post up over at Consumerism Commentary on how she lives paycheck to paycheck, but is saving money through automatic deductions and taking money off the top.

By the time I receive my “real” paycheck, it’s less than half of what I actually earned, which is ok with me. All of my financial priorities are accounted for, so I have fewer things to worry about. Automation also locks in the funds to make sure I achieve my financial goals (e.g. max out 401k, IRA, and tax deductible college savings).

Having all of your investments, savings and tax-favored spending accounts (FSA, etc.) filled before you get a chance to spend it on impulse purchases is the easiest way to save.

You don't always feel like you're saving because so little work is involved, but you're doing better than if you waited until the end of the month to scrounge up whatever is leftover to put away.

Unless your paycheck is way out of proportion with your spending (on the positive side), try living with a paycheck to paycheck mentality. It works.

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