Why an iPhone is a Worthy Investment

04.02.08 | Consumerism | 6 Comments | by junger

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I love gadgets. I can't hide that.

I've written before about wanting to buy a PlayStation 3 (to play Blu-ray movies) and Rock Band (to jam out), but talked myself out of it.

Apple's iPhone, however, is a different story.

Since it came out, Debbie and I have pretty much lusted at the iPhone. It's gorgeous. It's groundbreaking. And it's pretty cool, too.

But we didn't pull the plug. The price was too high — $500 to start — and it required switching to a different cellphone provider (AT&T).

Until recently. Debbie's contract with Sprint is up (we don't get service in the house, anyway) and AT&T started selling refurbished iPhones online for $250.

Since her birthday was last week, I bought her a refurbed iPhone — and now we're proud owners.

What makes the iPhone worth it is that it's a practical gadget. So many times, we find ourselves wanting to know how to get somewhere in the car or to look up some information when we're away from the computer.

Now we can do that.

The iPhone is a pretty sweet gadget, but it has real-world, practical use. It's not like the PS3 or Wii, where you only derive entertainment value from it — the iPhone can save you time and money.

For that, it's a worthy investment in my book.

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