Why a $7 Click Is Probably NOT In Your Future

10.08.06 | Money | 0 Comments | by junger

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As an Internet entrepreneur, I spend a fair amount of time discussing online businesses at webmaster-type forums, including the Earners Forum and the SitePoint Forums. The problem with most of the community members is that they are looking for a quick way to make easy money online — microwave society, anyone? — and not how to best develop a real online product.

There's no better example than the folks looking to make big bucks off of Adsense — without a game plan.

Ever since I participated in a th ead discussing the $7 click, I've been hounded with questions about how to get them. First off, let me say that no one gets $7 clicks on a regular basis. Despite all the optimizing you could possibly do, not every click is going to be worth that much money.

But the bigger picture is this - so much of making "the big bucks" off of Adsense depends on your site's topic. It has to deal with something that advertisers can honestly profit from.

You will not make big bucks off of a site dedicated to non-profit organizations.

OK, maybe that's not the best example, but the point is the same: advertisers make money when your audience spends money. You're just the middle man in the transaction.

So if your site doesn't provide a vehicle for your audience to spend money, then you won't get a $7 Adsense click. Or anything near it.

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