Money Saving Links: 4/23/08

04.23.08 | Savings Links | 3 Comments | by junger

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I have to apologize for the lack of posts recently — I've been out of town and away from my computer for a few days! We'll be back on track this week.

A quick roundup of from the 148th Carnival of Personal Finance, hosted by Gather Little by Little.

How Money Challenges Prevent You From Building The Life You Love - The Digerati Life

Money can bring you a lot and get you far, but it can never buy one of the most important things in life. You can’t buy love. You can buy a lot of imitations — but never the real thing! So don’t waste money, years, or even moments trying.

Netflix vs. Redbox: Which is the better DVD rental service? - Money & Fitness Blog

Is the money that you are saving going to Redbox worth it? Is the hassle worth it? Or you going to watch enough movies to make it feel like you are getting your $13.99 worth with Netflix? With Redbox becoming more and more available, I would try both out.

$4,000 Now, Nothing Later: the Beauty of the Roth IRA - Uncommon Cents

I wrote a $4,000 check this week. That hurt, but it’ll end up helping in the end. You see, the $4,000 was bound for my Roth IRA–my 2007 contribution.

There are very few investment accounts I think of more highly than the Roth IRA.

The Financial Generation Gap - Working for Rachel

Even in the generally youth-friendly blogosphere, I sometimes see people asking questions like, "Why do young people have such a tough time managing their money?" They assume the answers have to do with too much personal spending and not enough self-control. People who urge 22-year-olds to max out their 401(k)s are also operating on some of the same false assumptions.

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