What Happens If My Investment Company Fails?

05.08.08 | Online Investing | 0 Comments | by Tom Valenti

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I'm in the process of bringing over an IRA to the company where I do most of my investments. I thought having as many things in one place would be convenient for me and my eventual heirs.

Then I got to thinking — what if my investment company had some type of Enron-like collapse? Would my balances go down the drain with their stock? Or am I exempt, because my balances are not invested in the company, but instead in mutual funds they offer?

So now I'm thinking, maybe not only is diversification amongst holdings a good idea, but diversification of the companies you do business with may be a good idea as well.

In reality, my investment company is a very large industry leader, so I couldn't imagine that they would not be bailed out by another company or the government.

But what if I was consolidating my assets with a smaller company that carried no clout? Could I lose everything if they went under?

Does anyone have any insights or thoughts on this topic?

Tom Valenti is a marketer and project manager who currently works for a financial institution in New Jersey. Read Tom's blog at http://thriftyhomeowner.blogspot.com or learn more about him at http://tomvalenti.com.

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