Money Saving Links: 5/9/2008

05.09.08 | Savings Links | 2 Comments | by junger

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This week's Carnival of Personal Finance was hosted by Alpha Consumer, and featured my question on which gas rebate credit card is best.

Coincidentally, Money Smart Life actually submitted his answer to my question to the same carnival!

Best Gas Credit Cards to Save You Money at the Pump:

We finished it up with this review of how you can save money on gas with the following rewards cards:

* Discover Open Road
* American Express Blue Cash
* Chase Freedom Visa
* Chase BP Visa

Some of my favorites from the carnival:

Finding Great Deals on the Internet and How to Avoid Buying Things You Don't Need - Think Your Way to Wealth

One of the great things about the internet is that everything is right at your fingertips. Instead of going to a mall or a bunch of different stores and shopping around for hours, you can search the internet, and in a matter of minutes, find a half-dozen places offering what you are looking for and comparison shop to find the best deal.

Going Green to Keep More Green in Your Pocket - Accumulating Money

When you manage your financial affairs in the virtual world, you are helping to reduce the greenhouse effect that is threatening the global environment. You can enjoy a savings of as much as $150-$200 per year on checks, stamps and even late fees when you pay your bills and do your banking online.

Make Saving Automatic - Broke Grad Student

So how do I avoid spending the money that I want to save? I make the saving automatic.

By setting up portions of my paycheck to automatically go into my retirement and savings accounts, I almost don’t even realize that the money is missing.

Laddering CDs at ING Direct - Blueprint for Financial Prosperity

Looks like ING Direct, which I lauded in my post about laddering your emergency fund, has now made it even easier to ladder you CDs by letting you open multiple CDs at multiple maturities all on one page.

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