Money Saving Links: 5/16/08

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This week's Carnival of Personal Finance is up at Money Under 30, which includes my meme-starter What Would You Do For $1 Million?

A couple of the highlights from the carnival:

Using Google Apps to Track Spending and Budget - Don't Feed the Alligators

My wife and I are big fans of Google Apps, a suite of office type applications that run in a web browser and provide such services as Calendar, Spreadsheet, Document, RSS Reader, Email, and more …

Another great use for a Google spreadsheet is a budget. I can view and reorganize our monthly budget from anywhere. At the end of the month, I simply copy last month’s budget to a new sheet, and then make some minor modifications, if necessary, to prepare the spending plan for the coming month.

How To Deal With the Demise of ‘Floating Check’ Times - American Consumer News

While it is no longer safe to rely on floating time, there are some ways you can help protect yourself and still pay your bills on time while living check to check.

Direct Deposit Your Paycheck
Write Yourself a Check
Bank Online
Request New Payment Dates
Use Email Alerts

Best Online Discount Brokers - Blueprint for Financial Prosperity

I started with all the Premium and Discount brokers from Smart Money 2007 Brokerage Ratings page and then removed anyone with commissions greater than $10. That left me with E*Trade, Banc of America, TD Ameritrade, WellsTrade, Scottrade, Firstrade, WallStreet*E, SogoInvest, TradeKing and then I added Zecco, simply because they offer $0 trades, and Sharebuilder, because they offer a unique discount purchasing program. I removed Banc of America, WellsTrade, and TD Ameritrade because they’re affiliated with larger banks, I wanted standalone brokers.

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