How to Get Free Movie Rentals at Redbox

07.28.08 | Deals | 0 Comments | by junger

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One of my favorite ways to get movies is through Redbox, the DVD-rental kiosk found in many supermarkets, McDonalds and other places near you.

Their prices — $1/day with returns before 9 PM — are perfect for casual movie watchers who watch movies the night they get them and don't want to be in a monthly subscription with Netflix or Blockbuster.

The selection is great: new movies from a number of genres sure to please any member of the family.

But the best part? You can rent movies for free — over and over and over again.

Redbox offer promo codes for free one-night rentals, and I've been using the same promo code over and over and over to get multiple free rentals.

In order to get the free rentals, here's what you need to do:

1. Find your local Redbox (look here)
2. Double check they have the movie you want in stock (do it here)
3. Head over to the Redbox, and select "Rent with a Promo Code"
4. Enter the code "Breakroom" and choose your movie
5. Swipe your credit/debit card (in case you decide to keep the movie for more than one night) and get the movie
6. Head home and enjoy!

You won't be charged for the movie as long as you return the DVD before 9 PM the next day.

Here's the trick to multiple free movies. In order to use this promo code over and over and over again, you need to use a different debit or credit card every time.

The Redbox doesn't know you're the same customer if you're using a different card, so you've got as many free movies as you have debit or credit cards.

Once you run out of cards to use, don't run away from Redbox — thank them for their great offering by sticking around as a customer. I've been using them for a year now and I've had no complaints.

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