Why I Love the End of the Month

08.01.08 | Money Management | 0 Comments | by junger

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The last day of the month is almost always my favorite day. Seriously.

It's the day that I get to calculate how well we did with our finances for that month and, most of the time, see how much we have left over to move around into our various savings accounts.

I know. Totally geeky, right? But it's true. I even started calculating our expenses a couple days early this week, adding up categories I knew we wouldn't add to (like rent and phone payments) just to see where we'd come out.

The best part about adding up the totals is that it automatically includes money saved for our housing fund and for retirement. So when our expenses are totaled, we've already socked away 25% of what we've "spent" — and that doesn't even include my 401(k).

So when we have "extra" money at the end of the month, it's exciting to know that we saved even more money beyond our autopilot contributions. Deciding where to stash that money is the most exciting game we get to play all month (well, besides Bananagrams).

This month, our spending (including the 25% auto-savings) totaled only about 89% of our take-home pay, so we've got a nice 11% difference to use.

It's a great feeling to have. That's why I love the end of the month.

Are you giving yourself something to look forward to for next month?

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