Reader Savings Tips: Help Out a Spender

11.07.06 | Money | 1 Comment | by junger

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The biggest step in saving money is the first step.

That being said, the first step is different for everyone.

We've already got 31 savings tips, but they may not work for everyone.

10 Ways to Immediately Start Saving Money

10 More Ways to Immediately Start Saving Money
11 More Ways to Start Saving Money

Keep a budget
Stop Going Out to Eat
Cancel Unecessary Bills
Coupons are Your Friend
Use the Library and Other Things You Pay For
Cut Out Starbucks, Dunkin's, etc.
Travel Less
Go Outside and Play a Sport
O en a High-Yield Online Savings Account
Stop Carrying Cash
Set up Automatic Savings Deposits
Use Every Dollar You Earn, But Not More
Increase Your Loan Payments
Switch to VoIP
Downsize the Cell Phone Bill
Stop Using the Dry Cleaner
Buy In Bulk
Buy Store Brand Products
Shop Around For Fresh Produce
Set a clear goal.
Use a jar.
Buy generic.
Do it yourself.
Plan a garage sale.
Pick up a pen. (for a budget)
Cut your overhead.
Tax yourself.
Make saving a family priority.
Automate as much as you can.
Do something regularly to remind yourself why you're saving.

Readers, add your savings tips to the list, and help a spender save! Leave your tips in a comment below.

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