Online Banking + Debit Card Purchases = Easy Budgeting

11.13.07 | Money, Online Banking | 2 Comments | by junger

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The past few weeks have been crazy.

Two weeks ago, we moved from Boston to the Washington, D.C. area. As you can imagine, it's been hectic.

According to the movers we hired, moving is the third most stressful event in person's life, right behind the death of a spouse and a parent.

Thankfully, having movers makes things a lot less stressful. Do it if you can for your next move.

In any case, a few days after we moved, I had to fly to California for work for a week. So I only spent two nights in our new place before I left, and most of that was unpacking essentials.

So for a two-week long period, we spent a fair amount of money — but didn't write anything down in our expense book. It wasn't even unpacked!

But because we use our debit card for pretty much every purpose, I could log onto our banking site and go through purchase by purchase to track our spending.

When you're buying things with cash, you have to be extra aware to keep the receipt or write it down right away. With most of our stuff in boxes, it wasn't possible!

So, our budget is now up-to-date and we're back on track. Thanks to the move, we'll be saving a significant amount of money on housing every month as well as generally cheaper cost-of-living expenses.

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