Money Saving Links: 10/3/08

10.03.08 | Savings Links | 0 Comments | by junger

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I can't believe it's already October — it's tough to believe that 2009 is only around the corner.

For the first links of October, we participated in the 172nd Carnival of Personal Finance, hosted at DebtKid.

The Carnival — called the "Meltdown Edition" — included our own Inside the Root Cause of the Flailing Economy.

Here are a couple of highlights from the carnival.

20 Ways to Increase Your Net Worth - Orange Dealing with Money

Regardless of if your net worth is a positive or a negative number, every effort to increase it counts. Here are the several ways to increase your net worth.

Where Do We Go From Here? How About Back To The Basics - The Wisdom Journal

Our “leaders” won’t listen to reason, so what are the financial basics WE need to focus on to insure that we, as individuals, have a secure financial future and that we don’t have to be bailed out (a personal bail out is called bankruptcy)?

Influence Others to Save Is An Effective Frugal Tip - Money Ning

Instead, make it a point to influence someone you know to start a frugal activity. It doesn’t matter if it’s getting them to cook at home more often, getting them to understand the power of clipping coupons or even showing them how great walking can be. Influence everyone to become frugal, and they will in turn help you save more.

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