Money Saving Links: 10/19/08

10.19.08 | Savings Links | 2 Comments | by junger

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This week, we participated in the Carnival of Personal Finance #174, hosted by Greener Pastures. As you can imagine, many of the posts dealt with the up-and-down stock market and the general state of the economy.

The carnival included our own 3 Things the Presidential Candidates Can't Say About the Economy (But Should).

While there weren't many posts about online banking or using the Internet to save you money, there were a number of good stories to read.

Be Careful Where You Get Your Investment Advice - Military Finance Network

Here are some investment tips you should beware:
An “inside tip” isn’t inside information if it is published
Beware of agendas and scams
Beware of the office day trader
There are no guarantees

Stop Thinking About That Year-End Bonus - Tough Money Love

Mr. ToughMoneyLove has lots of experience with year end bonuses, both as a recipient in my younger days and more recently as an employer distributing them. My message today is to encourage all of you who have reason to expect a bonus to stop thinking about it.

Pay Yourself First: How to Do It and How It Works - Money Under Thirty

What does it mean to pay yourself first? Think about how you usually manage your money every month. If you’re like most responsible people, you get your paycheck and pay your bills. Even if you don’t stick to a budget, you probably have an idea of how much your bills are and how much you have left over. After your bills are paid, you kind of spend the rest without much thought.

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