Money Saving Links: 11/2/08

11.02.08 | Savings Links | 1 Comment | by junger

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Wow — it's tough to believe that it's already November. It's been exactly one year since we made the move from Boston to Washington DC.

This week, we participated in the Carnival of Personal Finance #176 - Financial Armageddon Edition at Master Your Card. Fred's 1929 and 2008: Why Distribution of Wealth Matters was included.

Some of the good reads from the carnival include:

The Dangers of Online Bill Pay and Automatic Deductions - The Smarter Wallet

When our money travels along the ether, we don’t usually think about it much. But according to the Electronic Payments Assocation (or Nacha), the electronic payment network upon which our automated payments travel, the error rate for our money transactions occur at a rate of 38 for every 100,000 bill payments.

That doesn’t seem like much, but if it happens to you or to me, it’s one time too many.

Mobile Banking Review: Online Banking With Your Cell Phone - Money Smart Life

Do you need to transfer money from one account to another? Do you need to check your available balance before making a large purchase? Mobile banking is the way to go for those of you who don’t want to use the automated robot that answers the customer service number. In this article, I’ll highlight the major players in the mobile banking sector, costs associated with it, the capabilities available, and benefits/consequences of mobile banking.

Saving 10% of your money is like "paying an extra bill" - Budgets are Sexy

The point is that it's all budgeted into "bills" really. The mortgage, the credit card, the utilities, the savings, the 401k, etc.

I really like this "way" of thinking, so it's totally going into my back pocket for the next time someone asks for advice ;) A nice and simple concept to get your mind right. You gotta like that.

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