Daily Craigslist Freebie: A Pile of Stuff

02.05.07 | Freebies | 0 Comments | by junger

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You can find the best stuff on craigslist. I'm in the middle of getting rid of a sofa — giving it up for free as long as someone will move it — and realized that a lot of the freebies are great blog fodder.

So, without further exposition, here's the Daily Craigslist Freebie.

a pile of free stuff outside my house
Reply to: sale-273451155@craigslist.org
Date: 2007-02-04, 7:48PM EST

my house:
my house

i am a packrat and i am moving because a robber broke into my house so there is a pile of free stuff i am throwing out. i am cleaning and will add more as the night progresses. right now theres a mirror pedistool thing, a watering can, a crappy dvd player, a mirror, a framed drawing of a guy with a goat, a huge and mighty and awesome ash tray, some bronze plates, some patriot football pictures, a dsl router thing i think. i dont know check it out.


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