When Online Freebies Overwhelm Your Common Sense

02.07.07 | Freebies | 0 Comments | by junger

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What does it take for you to give out your phone number, email address and city to a complete stranger online?

For the better part of 100 people, it's a free sofa.

We just recently purchased a new sofa set, and needed to get rid of the old one we had from our college days. We didn't pay anything for it, so were happy to give it away for free as long as someone moved it.

We put it up on the freebies section of craigslist along with a picture, and the response was overwhelming. Within about 24 hours, I had more than 75 emails inquiring about the sofa.

Now that's totally understandable, considering it's a free leather sofa. But would you give up your phone number, email address and name to a complete stranger — without being asked for it?

Many of these people inquiring about our sofa did.

In the posting, I didn't ask for a phone number. But now I have a lot of them.

Maybe I shouldn't be surprised that people need what-seem-like common sense tips when banking online.

Is it really worth taking the chance in giving too much information to a completely anonymous stranger for a free sofa?

That seems like a real lack of common sense to me.

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