Sometimes Buying Online Isn't The Best Deal

03.22.07 | Deals, Money | 0 Comments | by junger

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There's a lot to be said for researching upcoming purchases online. There's much more competition for your money, so you're likely to find a better deal.

But that's not always the case — and we shouldn't be in the mindset that it is.

My wife has been looking for some exercise equipment for her birthday, but wanted to test it out before buying.

So we went to the local Dick's Sporting Goods, which is selling the piece for $100 less than anywhere online. And that's even before shipping.

The moral of the story isn't life-changing, but it's worth remembering that the best deal — while it can often be found online — isn't always going to be online.

In store, you've got the opportunity to barter your way down in price, or try one of those "tell the salesperson you'll take the 10 year warranty, then change your mind after they knock down the price" schemes, if that tickles your fancy.

I'm currently finishing up The Long Tail, a book all about the economics of o line shopping. It's a fascinating read — I'll be sure to post a review here when I'm finished with it.

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