Reader Savings Tips: Big Lots! and Prepaid Cell Phones

03.28.07 | Money | 0 Comments | by junger

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Reader Manuel sent in a few of his tips for starting to save money:

* If you have a Big Lots! nearby, they often have good deals on coffee. EX: (Mar 28 '07) (So.Cal), Melita vacuum-packed can, ground, med roast, "voted best ground coffee in USA"), $2.50/can. This is good coffee.

* Plastic boxes at least 20% cheaper than Target (Big Lots!)

* If you're over fifty, ALWAYS ask for the senior discount at dining, theaters and hotels.

* If you don't use your cell phone for anything but "just-in-case" having it around, buy a 90 day prepaid plan (Virgin Mobile, Boost Mobile, possibly others). You'll spend $20 every 3 months for a phone number — that's $6.67 A MONTH for a phone in your pocket (or your mom's purse). Refill before the 90 days are up and you get to keep the balance. Now mom will have $40 phone credit. Add it up: Phone service availability for $80 a year. Maybe you'll even find a way to spend it!

NOTE: The brands mentioned run on Sprint's network. The Boost offering comes with $10 credit, which make the phone even cheaper. Also, it has a walkie-talkie feature just like the big contractors have. In fact it is the same network: Nextel. The Virgin Oyster phne is only about $20 to buy. Don't know about credits. Other prepaid phone plans, including those from Trac Fone and Cingular have shorter expiry periods as of this writing. Some plans don't let you "roll over" your unused credits at all, thereby increasing the annual cost.

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