4 Ways I've Wasted Money Online

04.18.07 | Money | 0 Comments | by junger

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This blog is all about using the Internet to help you save money, but let's be honest: the Internet can also be a major time — and money –waster.

I've bought things online that I regret, and I've certainly missed out on opportunities to make money online. In the spirit of "personal" finance, here are 4 ways I've wasted money online.

1. 3 Gmail Invitations, $10
In the summer of 2004, I paid for three Gmail invitations at around $3/piece. One for my, one for my (future) wife, and one for my dad. Of course, Gmail accounts were new and difficult to come by, so I didn't regret it at the time. But I have to wonder if I really needed the accounts so badly that I paid for them.

2. A box of Overpower Cards, ~$15
I love to reminisce. When I was younger, I was in to this collectible card game, Overpower, similar to Magic: The Gathering, but featuring characters from Marvel Comics. One summer, when I was working a dead-end job, I bought a box of the cards on eBay just for the hell of it. They're sitting in a drawer in my parents' house somewhere.

3. Moving money into my Bank of America savings account, $??
It seemed like the moving money from my BofA checking account into my BofA savings account was a good thing — I was saving money, right? But the interest rates were next to nothing compared to free online savings accounts.

4. A copy of vBulletin, $150
I'll openly admit that purchasing a copy of vBulletin to start the Online Savings Forum was not the best planned idea. The site hasn't really gone anywhere, and that $150 isn't doing much. At least the hosting was free.

How have you wasted money online?

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